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I started The Freelance Dance two years ago as a way for me to document my journey through the world of online freelance writing. Today, it’s grown into a way to help others start and build their own freelance businesses by providing support, accountability, and (soon to come) courses to help writers improve their skills and explore other freelance avenues.

Writing courses feels like the next logical step for me in my 10-year career as a freelancer. Having spent most of that time ghosting as a memoirist and fiction writer for some hot, best-selling names, I’ve taken what worked for me and laid it out in a book I co-wrote with my friend, Sally Miller, called¬†Make Money as a Ghostwriter.¬†

Whether you’re ready to get your start as a side-hustler or build up that hustle in hopes of leaving behind that nine-to-five life, I’m here to share with you all I’ve learned. You ready to get started?