How to Choose the Right Ghostwriter

Unless you’ve worked with one before, you’re probably not sure how to scout someone out. Sure, you can try your hand at Craigslist and content mills, but before you go that way, you wanna talk to a seasoned expert in the field to give you the rundown on our process and what you can expect, am I right?

Start right here, my friend!

The process doesn’t have to be daunting. Ghostwriters are interesting characters. Our opinions and insights are formed by years (in my case a decade) of absorbing the thoughts and feelings of strangers. We’re like sponges. But meeting one you hit it off with right away doesn’t make that ghost any better or worse for you or – more importantly – your project. Ideally, you both should have a mutual level of respect for your project. Now, if that’s missing from the equation or if your preliminary interview doesn’t go well at all, take it as a red flag and check out someone else. more “How to Choose the Right Ghostwriter”