A Special Time A Poem by Zachary Switzer

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Only five days stand between you and Christmas day. With all the hustle and bustle fast approaching, I thought it’d be best to take some time to celebrate the impending holiday by using this platform to introduce my friend, and talented writer in his own right, Zachary Switzer. He’s written a poem for readers of The Freelance Dance. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Take it away, Zachary. 

The holidays are a special time of the year,
It comes and goes but leads to many a cheer.
A cheer that’s so special to everyone it shows,
Time to get ready for the wrapping and bows.

Bows, that come in different sizes, but all red,
Kids wish for snow, they want to use the sled.
A sled that will run so smoothly through it all,
No longer sheets on stairs messed up in the hall.

A hall covered in carpet and now messed up,
This holiday will come and go, so very abrupt.
For now, let’s enjoy this time we have together,
It happens once and as does the cold weather.

Wasn’t that terrific? Not bad for my first guest contribution! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 

What are some of your holiday plans for this special time? 


Zachary serves as Director of Talent Development and C0-Editor at DreamStreet Publishing Services and Co-Owner and Producer of Dream Street Radio


Photo Credit: 346/366: Ornaments 2012-12-11 via photopin (license)


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