All About Free Coaching Friday!

I chewed off most of my nails in the hour leading up to the start. I’d never put myself out there like that. And although I didn’t fear judgment or what people thought, I was heavily concerned with having enough questions to fill the time and giving folks the right answers. As I suspected, most of the questions I wielded related heavily to ghostwriting. Not surprised. It’s what I’ve done most of my life.

And then there was the giveaway.

The giveaway was the best part! I’d been looking forward all week to handing out the very first run of my course. In my head, I set it up so that when the time came, at the end of the hour, that drawing the winning name would finally set me free. It worked! It gave me something to focus on that didn’t involve the possibility of there being spinach in my teeth.

On the Plus Side

I scored some terrific questions! The fact that folks out there are thinking in terms of starting off into new ventures (like ghosting) was really exciting!

My audience size was perfect. I had only hoped for three solid people to join me, and that’s exactly what I got! Three (one of whom was my kid) folks who know me and know my body of work.

Twitter rocked, too! Followers on Twitter came through in a major way by helping me out with a few thoughts ahead of time. Some of their questions I didn’t see until late into the event. One came through at 3 AM on Friday asking about building a writing resume. I plan on exploring that in an upcoming post.

What I’ll Change Next Time

It was my first go-round. My next won’t be as thrown together. I’ll prepare ahead of time and make sure I have a diverse set of questions to answer covering as much of the freelance spectrum as possible.

I might also dive into the course. I’ve now started writing it, and it’s coming along nicely. I’m on target and plan on hitting my deadline without a problem.

I also had some issues with my connection because I was using my phone and not wifi. As a result, a lot of what’s recorded lags in some places. Sorry about that.

But what can I really say other than it was my first time!

Missed Free Coaching Friday? No prob! Check out the video here. And hit me up with questions you have for next time. 

Wondering when next time will be? Join me this Friday, July 7th at 4 PM on my Facebook page.


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