Hiring My First Subcontractor

What I Learned This Week- (1)I can’t believe I just typed those words! All at once it feels both surreal and like it’s been a long time in the making.

But this is actually happening! And I’m overjoyed by it!

What you may not realize is that most freelancers want nothing more than to grow their businesses beyond capacity. All they see is the opportunity to earn well. When we’re blinded by money and rare opportunities we become blinded to the client’s needs (remember, the one who gave you the overflow to begin with?). more “Hiring My First Subcontractor”

4 Innovative Editorial Calendar Hacks You Need to Try Out

What I Learned This Week- (3)

Never thought I’d need one of these! Like most webpreneurs, flying by the seat of my pants (with regards to my posting schedule) suits me fine. I know exactly when what post is set to go live when. If I ever need to look up my past posts, I just bring up my URL and thumb through my blog until I find the right post. The search bar helps a lot too!

But as I ready myself to enter the grownup world of online business, I realize that these things are needed. Eventually I’ll have a staff, a team of people who all need to know my business’ posting schedule. Preparing for it now will make it easier when the time comes to clue in a newbie. And it just makes good sense to plan ahead. more “4 Innovative Editorial Calendar Hacks You Need to Try Out”

The Healing Process: Expanding on My Article for Guyvorce

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.24.07 AM.png

I recently began a business relationship with Guyvorce, the only site of its kind. Intrigued by the premise, I couldn’t not be affiliated with a site dedicated to helping men get through all the aspects of divorce.

Dennis Work, the site’s manager and publisher, is a pleasure to work for. He effectively communicates his vision for the site’s future. more “The Healing Process: Expanding on My Article for Guyvorce”

A Special Time A Poem by Zachary Switzer

zach image

Only five days stand between you and Christmas day. With all the hustle and bustle fast approaching, I thought it’d be best to take some time to celebrate the impending holiday by using this platform to introduce my friend, and talented writer in his own right, Zachary Switzer. He’s written a poem for readers of The Freelance Dance. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Take it away, Zachary.  more A Special Time A Poem by Zachary Switzer

Entering a Pitching Contest

What I Learned This Week- (2)

Technically, I’m a week into Gina’s December Pitching Challenge. Quarterly, it seems, she puts on this contest to encourage her students to pitch their little hearts out. The winner gets a $50 prize straight from Gina’s wallet!

I ended last month in a near fugue state. But somehow, here I am – back for another challenge! At one point, I honestly believed I’d get to relax in December. My Sweet November kicked butt. Do I not get to rest my achy haunches after a job well done?


There is no rest for the hungry. Besides, it’s coming at a perfect time! My Website is… Well, it exists and has the requisite number of pages featuring me in all my workaholic glory! Could I wish for more? more “Entering a Pitching Contest”