Christmas and Forward


There’s so much to celebrate and be grateful for this Christmas. I may not be rich in material things, but I have a firm sense of direction, one I haven’t had since I was a student at Texas A&M.

Knowing where I’m going means more to me than anything I could ever hope to buy. Thanks to Gina Horkey, I have a plan for my life and for expanding my business.

Looking Back

I’m a big fan of using history a gauge of where I’m going. This time last year, I wasn’t as successful nor as happy as I am now. A year later, I’m not financially richer (Yet!), but I am on my way there.

A Plan for 2016

In 2016, I want to expand on what I’ve done. I want to focus my energy on building the business I started in November of this year.

I’ll do that by:

  • Improving my social media presence
  • Setting a pitches/day goal and sticking to it
  • Investing income back into my business
  • Scouting guest contributors
  • Diversifying my business into other fields
  • Improving monthly income by 10% month-over-month

Set Goals, Not Resolutions

When have you ever made a resolution to which you could stick? Seriously. Think about it. What year and what was the resolution?

I, for one, have never, ever been able to do it. I’ve made all the familiar ones: losing weight, beating cancer, getting a better job, finishing my book…

They don’t stick because I’ve never been serious enough about them to see them through. Instead, this year, I resolve not to resolve to do anything. I’ll set attainable goals for the year that I’ll work toward and plan to achieve.

I’ll reveal them as we get closer New Year’s Eve. In fact, look for my next post to get real solutions, real methods for obtaining your 2016 goals.

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!

I’ll cut this one short because I don’t want to keep anyone from their family’s festivities. Enjoy your special time with everyone around you. There’re so many reasons to celebrate.

For me, I have my kids to keep me happy. I’m alive another year when last year I wasn’t so sure. And best of all, I’m optimistic about the future.

Have a blessed holiday and enjoy,

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