Entering a Pitching Contest

What I Learned This Week- (2)

Technically, I’m a week into Gina’s December Pitching Challenge. Quarterly, it seems, she puts on this contest to encourage her students to pitch their little hearts out. The winner gets a $50 prize straight from Gina’s wallet!

I ended last month in a near fugue state. But somehow, here I am – back for another challenge! At one point, I honestly believed I’d get to relax in December. My Sweet November kicked butt. Do I not get to rest my achy haunches after a job well done?


There is no rest for the hungry. Besides, it’s coming at a perfect time! My Website is… Well, it exists and has the requisite number of pages featuring me in all my workaholic glory! Could I wish for more?

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 3.56.38 AMWhere I Stand In the Contest

I’m in the lead!

I set out to win this thing if it took 500 pitches, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m alone. I’m a mom. I’m dying. Straight up, it’s my game to lose. My gut pushes me forward. I know I’ll get the prize. Heck, if I play my pitches right, I might even get a gig from it!

Which reminds me…

A-hem. Good afternoon, editors from the New Yorker! How lovely it is to greet you at this point!

Yeah, it’s mostly a joke. But what else would I aim for? Up is the only direction I have. So, I’ll send my measly pitches for measly cash in exchange for spectacular (you thought I was gonna say measly!?) writing! It won’t be forever. It’s just for now.

Realistically Speaking, I Know My Odds

And while I won’t claim that this contest somehow has a direct benefit for me (besides the prize money I’ll get when I pitch a billion), it would be nice if it did.

I guess only time (and tons of pitching) will tell.

Now, join me, brethren, in crossing your fingers! I need all the good juju you can spare!

Paid to Blog Jobs – Job Board Membership

I said I probably wouldn’t pay for a job board membership. Well, I’m eating my words.

Bootstrapping it is hard. And there’s no way I’d have a shot in this case without a trusty source of leads at my disposal. It was $30 bucks I spent not knowing if I’ll ever see any of it back. And while it’s not a lot of money for most. For me, it may as well be a million at times.

I did it because I believe in what I can do. So instead of eating my cash, I’m going to spend it on a promise, a hope – magic beans, if you will.

It’s called taking chances. I’m ready.

Stacking the Deck In My Favor

With more pitching than I’ve done in a very, very long time! It’s the only way to get any work in this business. If you want it, go get it! That’s just how that works.

In Conclusion

Whether I kick ass or fall on my face, I know I’ll have plenty of work out of it. It’s simple math, really. Given zillions of pitches sent, at least some have to get approved. So, really, what loss is there?

November was fun! Starting this business with no money and in terrible health probably wasn’t my smartest move at the time. I didn’t know then what would happen, and I still don’t know.

Win, lose, or draw (it can happen if two people send out the exact same number of pitches), I’ll be okay.

The work will come.


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