Here’s the Real Reason for Your Why What I Learned This Week

In working on my upcoming course this week, I was briefly reminded of why I’m doing all of this in the first place. It was only for a fleeting moment that it whooshed over me and left.

But the weight of it, the memories and the feelings that soon followed carried me over to another land, somewhere I once knew the value of my why, the reason that kept me hustling. I’m glad I’m still there.

You see, the reason for having one isn’t to keep you focused or motivated or even in the realm of general consideration. Your why gives you permission to accept that the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing are very much a part of you. It’s permission you’ve given yourself to do whatever it takes in the name of that why.

Most Hustlers Don’t Know Why They Hustle

Why are you doing whatever you’re doing right now? Do you know? Why are you reading this? Do you think that by doing so you’ll be moved closer to your ideal spot in life?

Are you someone who just goes with the flow? Or are you bent on making things happen?

Having a solid focus in on your why, your motivating factor – and having that why be solid – will give you the guts you need to let it be your compass, to build your life around it without trepidations. Anything else has to be secondary.

See It, Speak It, Chase It

People in your life will tell you that unless you’re living it their way, the way they want you to, you’re doing it wrong, your priorities aren’t in proper order or judge your decisions.

In my case, I haven’t a qualm about my why. Quite simply, I’m hustling as hard as I can because I’m battling stage four lymphoma. I have a truncated timeline and seven children who I’ll one day leave behind. Building them a legacy is my why. Dying and leaving them with nothing but my medical debt is NOT an acceptable outcome for my brood.

I see the big picture. I just told you about it. And every day, come whatever, I chase it.

Did you hear me apologize for that? Nope. Even when I’ve been working so hard I’ve only seen my minion army a handful of times, or haven’t eaten or slept, I hustle. They are that important to me.

Like Frank Sinatra, I’ve Done It My Way

On my way to my eventual destination, the absolute last thing I want to take with me is regrets. If I spent my time pursuing whatever others may believe is right for me, that’s all I’d have at the end.

And I can’t do a “bit” here and a “bit” there in hopes of touching on an activity someone else believes is the right way to spend my time. I’d never please them! It would never be enough. The “bit” would turn into a chunk and to what end?

Knowing me, I’d create an internal conflict that would stymie my progress and endanger my plan.

That’s what inevitably happens when you try to make everyone happy. In the end, they’re all miserable. And you are too, feeling failure’s familiar flush to the face.

Focus Your Energy On Your Why

That’s what it is – permission you give yourself to let go of freedoms and fun in favor of doing in your heart of hearts what you know is right.

Hunker down, brace yourself. Someone you love will tell you you’re wrong one day. And when that happens, hold it together. Nod. Bite your tongue. Then, get right back to your hustle.

What’s your why? What keeps you moving forward in your hustle?

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