Launching My Affiliate Marketing Program for Coaching Services

I remember quite vividly when I started out. I had dreams about what I wanted and how far I wanted to go in this business. Not that I’m anywhere near that just yet, but my coaching services have grown quite a bit lately. So much so that I’ve decided to launch an affiliate marketing program for coaching services specifically.

It won’t just stay at coaching services. In fact, I’ll soon begin working on some freebies and my own course. The infrastructure isn’t quite there yet, but I’m getting closer and closer every day. Commissions can be adjusted within the program for various products and services.

I thought about offering a 60/40 split going in. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work out well for me because the fees for payment processing and sending out commissions payments would all come from my end. Then, there’s the amount of time I take with each client, too, to think of.

So I got to thinkin’ and did some number crunching. 

I figured out that the best way to make it a heck of a deal for you, me, and (most importantly) the coaching client who comes from that referral was to offer new affiliates a 35% commission on every referral for coaching services.

A 1-hour session goes for $105. Your part of that would be $36.75 for simply sharing your affiliate link!

20-minute sessions are regularly priced at $35. For each one of those, you’ll score $12.25!

These are for each session, too. It’s not like you’ll just get credit for the first one. You’ll get credit for repeat sessions provided that they use your affiliate link to schedule their call.

Promoting the Affiliate Marketing Program for Coaching Services

Like a lot of other stuff I do, I don’t tend to do a lot of promotional stuff ahead of a project I’m launching. My email lists are tiny, but I plan on taking advantage of every name on my subscribers’ list!

My first mass-email for The Freelance Dance will go out today outlining the program and some of my plans for expanding it when I launch my course. It’ll contain everything anyone could want to know about my affiliate program and how to best promote their affiliate links.

I hope that my amazing friends, colleagues, and current coaching clients believe me and my business as much as I do.

Where Coaching Currently Sits in Sales

After starting off strong when I launched coaching back in April, I’ve seen a bit of a slump lately. I held another promotion recently. That seems to be yielding great results so far.

But I’m not just going to offer coaching services alone. I hope to have my own intensive writing course ready to go by November 1. I’ll have more info on that as it gets closer.

Plans are also in the works for offering a Free Coaching Friday live on either Facebook or Blab. More on that as we get closer.

I’m Not Doing This for the Money

From the get go, I set out to help others who were coming up the freelance road behind me on their own journeys. Honestly, I love coaching! If I could do just that all day and earn a living, I’d be in heaven.

Nothing excites me more than hungry entrepreneurs setting out on their paths!

My affiliate marketing program for coaching services won’t always be just for coaching services. As I add products or services to my list of offerings, they’ll be more and more opportunities for everyone!

Are You Getting Curious? Become an Affiliate Today!

Signing up is only a click away! It’s super simple and doesn’t cost anything! Once you’re in, share your link over social media, with a blog post, or send it to a friend interested in starting or growing his or her hustle!

Let’s do this together!

Do are you an affiliate marketer of a product or service that helped you get or stay on track? Let me know! Share your link! Then, join my Affiliate Marketing Program for Coaching Services!


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