My Sweet November: Change in Posting Schedule


On Day 1, I posted a posting schedule. I had been doing pretty well sticking to it. That is, until I noticed I’m ahead by 1 day. The reason? I lumped Lessons 13 and 14 together on Day 11 instead of separating them into Days 11 and 12.

This new schedule sets me up to finish the course on November 29th. Finishing up a day early means I have time to write up a nice summation of my experiences that I’ll share with you on November 30th.

The adjusted schedule of days and posts remaining is below.

Lesson Lesson Name Scheduled Date
Lesson 17 6+ Questions to Ask a Prospect 11/14/15
Lesson 18 Accounting for Your Business 11/15/15
Lesson 19 Securing Testimonials 11/16/15
Lesson 20 Draft Your Bio 11/17/15
Lesson 21 Your Social Media Presence 11/18/15
Lesson 22 Your Hire Me Page 11/19/15
Lesson 23 3 Ways to Brand Your Business 11/20/15
Lesson 24 4 Ways to Protect Yourself Online 11/21/15
Lesson 25 2 Ways to Maximize Your Email Presence 11/22/15
Lesson 26 3 Tips to Building Strategic Relationships 11/23/15
Lesson 27 Add a Gravatar and Connect with Other Bloggers 11/24/15
Lesson 28 Hire a Mentor 11/25/15
Lesson 29 On Blogging and Email Lists 11/26/15
Lesson 30 Diversifying your Freelance Business 11/27/15
Lesson 31 Your Writing Resume 11/28/15
Lesson 32 Affiliate Sales 11/29/15
Course Conclusions Congrats! You’ve finished 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success 11/30/15
Course Followup 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success Follow-up 12/1/15

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