My Sweet November: Day 16 Testimonials

2012-02-09manual-typewriter-0209stockBefore I start on today’s topic, I need to talk a little bit about something I’m struggling with. I’ve worked on a few projects now but haven’t been able to add these to my samples board because they haven’t been published anywhere yet. The waiting game is throwing me for a loop. I know when they’ll post, so I’ll have substantial additions to my collection soon.

Has anyone else had any problems with this? If you have, I’d love to hear from you about what you’re doing about it!

And now, here’s what I learned about testimonials…

Client testimonials are an important facet of your online business. Clients trust the opinions of other clients. Even one testimonial can have an effect on a prospective client.
I’ve written before about why I don’t yet have a website. I have since set up this WordPress version of one. When you’re bootstrapping, like I am, it can take some time to get things up and running. As I set it up and add content, I’ll absolutely have a Client Testimonials page.

Sources of Testimonials When You Don’t Have Clients

The easiest place to go for testimonials is work. Ask a colleague from your current or former job to write you up a sentence or two recommending you for work. Make sure to ask for a photo to add next to the testimonial.

When asking a paying client, first ask them if they’re:

• Satisfied with the quality of work they received, and

• They were comfortable writing something up

Ask them to include a photo or simply steal it from their page. This one, you won’t need to source 😉

How Many?

Anywhere between 5 and 8 testimonials is great. Start your page with only 2 or 3, but aim for more. In Lesson 19: Securing Testimonials of 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, Gina says to try not to get more than 8.

In Conclusion

This one has been a bit of a struggle. I know plenty of people and have asked, but it’s taking them a few days.

Also, in the last few days, I’ve managed to set up a rudimentary website that will do in the meantime. I’m still working on it, but I hope to have it done within a few days. Take a look at it. Please give me all the feedback you can!

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