My Sweet November: Day 17 Drafting a Biography

53960417_ae12b81143_oHave you ever noticed all the blank spaces on social media? Many of us don’t take full advantage of the fields available. We discount them as part of the minutiae no one ever sees.

This useful real estate goes unused and becomes a part of the background noise. Instead, take advantage of those spaces. Use them to showcase your bio. Here’s how to write one.

My Bio

Lesson 20: Drafting Your Bio is all about the simple and easy ways you can draft a biography to share on all your pages. In this lesson, Gina shares her own bio. I’ll share mine with you. It’s based on Gina’s version.

Cruz Santana is a single mother of seven and a writer-for-hire with a background in science and medicine. She also offers editing services and really enjoys helping other freelancers succeed. Join her on her journey through learning to write for the web on her blog, My Sweet November.

I rarely talk about my background in medicine. Sometimes even I forget the original course my life was set on. Seeing my bio here and there helps me remember my focus. My hope is that it’ll also help potential clients.

Important Things to Remember

These elements make up a good bio.

Hire Me!

Basically, if you’re looking for either an editor or writer, hire me.

I Specialize in Science and Medicine

I chose this as my specialty due to my background. It’s by far the easiest thing to write about. Even still, I stay abreast of all the research and new changes coming to the fields of science and medicine. Cancer research is incredibly interesting to me since it’s where I first started.

I can write about other things. In fact, I’m learning to with daily practice. This makes a fine reference point for clients, however.

Call People to Action

Bare minimum, I want them to check out my samples or blog.

Remember to use anchor text to link up your social media and/o website, if you have one.

Who’s Attention You Want

In 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, Gina talks about making it clear who your target audience is. I’m a writer, who is for hire. I am also an editor. I love helping fellow freelancers succeed. These points make it clear who I’d like to help.

In Conclusion

Advertise that you’re for hire and mention your specialty. Let people know where else they can connect with you.

There is limited space to put it all down, so use it wisely. It’s a great opportunity to make a first impression.

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