My Sweet November: Day 18 Socializing On Social Media

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The plethora of social media options online can be quite a bit to process. Navigating the sea of the new ones popping up every day is frustrating. Social media is a part of our lives as freelance writers. Many of us couldn’t do this without being able to spread the word about our work.

That’s essentially what your goal with it should be. Use it to share useful information and stay in touch with fellow entrepreneurs.

The List

Lesson 21: Your Social Media Presence of 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success lists the five places you should take your business on social media. Gina says she shares to four of them regularly. These are her choices.

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  1. Facebook

The most popular of all forms of social media cannot be ignored. Gina recommends linking this account with a Twitter account to save time. Create a page for your new business and post a few times a week. Alternate between shares and posts to keep it interesting.

  1. Twitter

In addition to Facebook posts linked to Twitter, try up post periodic updates in between.

Use Twitter to make lists to filter the content to only see what certain people you’re following are posting.

  1. Google+

On Google day, early on, I talked about Gina’s theory that Google has a hand in the content offered after a search.

Fill out your “About” section and complete the bio. Keep a list of where you’re published and have been. Add people to your circles to connect with them.

  1. Pinterest

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I’ve talked about how Pinterest can be used to keep and maintain a portfolio. This is an opportunity for others to share your work. Gina says this platform has the highest conversion rates of any social media. Only email beats it.

In addition to my board of professional samples, I have two others. One is to showcase the best of my favorite blog entries on The Freelance Dance’s site. The second features my posts related to this project, My Sweet November.

Start the second board. Call it “The Best of [Your Business’ Name Here].” On this board, pin your blog entries.

In her blog post, Pinterest Tips – Create a “Best of” Blog, Gina says she uses PicMonkey to create a cover pin image for the post. Images with text overlay are more likely to get re-pinned.

Join Gina’s collaborative board where you can share your content multiple times.

  1. LinkedIn

Until you have a “Hire Me” page, use this as a place to showcase your resume and writing portfolio all in one place.

Use this platform to search out opportunities and post your content.


This one is all mine. I found it after researching sites that pay for content. Basically, after some time, you’ll earn a small amount for your shares and posts. They outline their payment terms on their site.

In Conclusion

I took away quite a bit from this lesson. I found adding the last one led to me coming in contact with other leads. These six have helped me begin to build a solid network.

More than anything I’m realizing I don’t spend enough time on social media. The platforms I’ve chosen are scrawny with details of my project. I’ll make this a goal for December. I’m sure there’s a gold mine of leads out there waiting to be pitched!

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