My Sweet November: Day 20 Things You'll Need...Eventually But Not Now

lesson 20

I keep harping on bootstrapping, but I firmly believe it’s the absolute best way to build a business. I’m $64 dollars in and am on target to recuperate that soon.

Gina, in her course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, spends Lesson 23: 3 Ways to Brand your Business reminds us she started The Horkey Handbook for less than $200. I talk about this in great detail in Lesson 6.

As her business has grown, she’s spent money on the branding side. Branding, or identifying your business through a recognizable icon or image, is important to long-term growth. Begin by using the same imprint everywhere you are online.


I am using a selfie for now. I don’t think it’s ideal, but it’s a flattering photo of me that I can share across my platform. Getting proper headshots is on the agenda. I’ll definitely do that one day. Gina just got hers done and she started in early 2014! I can wait.


There is no branding like it. Think about what you want to see. Having it professionally done can add that polish that other logos seem to have. Gina recommends 99designs when you’re ready.

Business Cards

Do not, I repeat, do not spend money on business cards for a long, long time. Gina had been at it for six months when she finally ordered her first set. When you’re ready, you can share them on pegboards in coffee shops.

In Conclusion

Remember to keep everything matching. All your profiles should have the same photo, same logo, and eventually, your business cards should too. Integrate your photo into your social media.

These are the beginning stages of branding your new online business. By taking them, your readers and potential clients will easily recognize your account as part of your brand.

Photo credit: Medical via photopin (license)

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