My Sweet November: Day 22 Put Your Email to Work for You

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In a prior post, I briefly mentioned using email to spread the word about your new online business. In this installment, I’ll discuss simple ways you can take advantage of everything your email account has to offer.

So many of us use the basic functions to connect with potential clients. We keep ourselves organized and trash messages as needed.

Your email has real potential! Start with your photo.


I’ve also mentioned the importance of branding your business. Your photo (ideally a headshot) is an important part of that brand. Using the same photo across your social media platform helps clients discern which profile is yours.

Bank Spaces

Don’t leave any blank spaces on your profile. Make sure you update your bio as necessary and use links in anchor text wherever possible. It may seem tedious to fill all these out across five platforms, but doing show demonstrates a fine attention to detail. This may help you entice clients. In this way, your profiles are working for you.

Your Email’s Footer

The often-neglected email footer is the perfect place to capitalize on space you can use for valuable advertising. This tip doesn’t come from Lesson 25: Ways to Maximize Your Email Presence or from any of the others in 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success.

This tool comes from Gina herself!

As always, I’ll start with my own as an example:

The Freelance Dance

Cruz Santana / Professional Writer and Editor / 210-802-9310

The Freelance Dance
5510 SW Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78227

Twitter Facebook Google + LinkedIn Pinterest

Isn’t it the coolest? Here‘s how you get your own. Once you’ve filled out everything, review the sample image on the right. If it looks good, highlight everything from your photo down to the social media icons. Copy it and paste it into your email’s signature space.


In Conclusion

Don’t neglect important space which could serve as potential advertising space. Use every opportunity you get to showcase who you are. These spaces could prove fruitful in establishing your individual brand.

Just as important as using the real estate is your photo. Use one. Everyone knows I’m bootstrapping my business. I don’t have professionally-shot photos yet, but I certainly will. For now, though, I use the one you see above. So far so good!

Photo credit: Email Campaign via photopin (license)

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