My Sweet November: Day 23 – Building Business Relationships

Relationships.jpgI look back on all I’ve done in a short time. And none of this (website, blog, Social Media pages) was here 23 days ago.

23 days in, and I’m booking work almost every day. With every client I pick up, comes the potential for long-term growth. This is exciting!

Lesson 26: 3 Tips to Building Strategic Relationships talks about approaching freelancers who are further along the path than you are. This is important. Gina believes that the best way to learn and master this business is to learn from others who are further along than you are.

My Mentor

Currently, I don’t have a mentor. I should, but the truth is that I want to make sure I master this course before I ask. In case, you’re wondering, and it’s not clear, I hope to ask Gina to mentor me as part of her coaching program.

The bootstrapper in me wants to wait until I have a good income. I’ll keep you posted.

Be sure, though, that I’ll follow Gina’s tips!

Approach Politely

At this point, no one is in your debt. Remember to ask for help boldly, honestly, and politely. Be clear in what you want. You should recommend a way for you and your potential mentor to meet with regularity.

Give Back

On Day 12, I talked about using guest posts to build your samples collection. This is also a great way to build relationships.

However, you should make it your priority to give back whenever possible. You can do this by:

  • Offering them a guest post on your blog
  • Offer to work for them and help out any way you can to pay for their help
  • Make yourself available and make your meetings a priority out of respect for their time.

Pay It Forward

I see this course as a huge opportunity. This is why I decided to start blogging about it every day. I think it’s important to pass on what you’ve learned at every possible opportunity.

To me, if these messages reach someone who needs a hand-up, then I did my job.

Paying it forward is important. Everyone loves good Karma.

In Conclusion

Remember that having a mentor is important. Gina visits this topic twice in 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. It’s necessary to think about who has come before you and would be willing to help you along the way.

Once you’ve thought about that person, remember to approach them politely, but with purpose. Then, give back where you can. And, above all, pay the help you receive forward to others who need it.

Photo Credit: Conferenza Stampa “Meet@Torino mentorship Program 2015-16” via photopin (license)

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