My Sweet November: Day 24 Gravatar

GravatarWhen I first saw that word, Gravatar, I didn’t know what the heck it was! I didn’t know if it was a website or dinosaur.

Please understand that before this course, I don’t think I’d even heard of WordPress. Listen when I say that learning this site has been an enormous challenge!

Here’s all you need to know about Gravatar.

What It Is

Gravatar is another social media platform that you should join. It integrates into WordPress to reveal your identity to other bloggers.

It follows you across other sites that may use it. Any time you comment or like something, your Gravatar network will see it.

You can view mine here.

Like all other platforms, be sure to fill in as much of the data as possible and leave few to zero blank spaces.

Blogging Platforms

There are two major blogging sites I’ve used in the last few weeks. One is WordPress the other is a Google-based one called Blogger.

They essentially operate in the same way. Their code is similar. The difference is this Gravatar thing I’ve been talking about.


This Google-based system integrates into your Google+ profile to show your readers who you are.


Uses Gravatar to identify you as the creator of content.

In Conclusion

Whatever the platform you choose for your blog, remember that you should make yourself familiar with both of these major platforms.

I have clients who use both. And although I was more familiar with Blogger than WordPress when I started this journey, I can figuratively and honestly say I’ve graduated the WordPress School of Hardknocks with a C-.

I joke, of course, but WordPress was challenging for me at first. It was only through practice and frequent trips to the library that I eventually mastered this dance.

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