My Sweet November: Day 3 When in Doubt, Take Action!

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Good afternoon! In almost every post, I talk about the importance of having a sharp focus on progressing forward in business. At the end of yesterday’s post, I chose to aim my primary focus at blog posts. Secondarily, I’ll be working on magazine articles.

Today is my third day simultaneously studying and blogging about Gina Horkey’s course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success.

Awhile ago, was tasked with identifying a niche or four for myself. Out of a list of 25 categories, I chose Science/Medicine, Freelancing/Entrepreneurship, and Education.

Choosing a specialty, and doing it right at the beginning, is crucial to getting work sooner.

You can change it later and branch out into other fields. This will show potential clients that you are well versed in an area. An expert!

“Writing about anything,” as professional writers, we know this is probably true. Unfortunately, our clients aren’t writers. What we see as a versatile candidate with a diverse wealth of knowledge, they’ll see as an unfocused individual, better suited to something other than writing.

By not choosing a specialty, you’re leaving yourself open to losing jobs. Choose a few niches and start putting yourself out there.

How to Decide?


“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” says the old expression.

Think about what stories you’ve liked and shared on Facebook.

What types of posts do you click on while scrolling through Facebook? What types of stories are you likely to post a comment on or share w/your friends.

If you can’t recall exactly or if you share pretty much anything. Log into your FB and click on “View Activity Log’” on your profile. Scroll down and take a minute to review the data.

Did that help?

Experience/Prior and Current Jobs

Make a list of your last three job titles. Which one on your list did you excel? Which did you enjoy the most? Did you give the same answer to both questions? If yes, BINGO!!!! If not, choose your answer to the first question as a possible niche.

List of 25 Sample Niche Categories to Choose From

Begin by choosing five niche categories. Write them down. Number each one 1-5, 1-like the least, 5-like the most. Cannot have repeating numbers. Choose the with the 5 beside it as one of your niches.

Keep these in mind as you start a blog/website and start pitching

1. Personal Finance/Investing
2. Nutrition/Health & Fitness
3. Freelancing/Entrepreneurship
4. Faith/Religion
5. Lifestyle/Parenting
6. Travel
7. Special Occasions (Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries)
8. Dating/Relationships
9. Current Events (Newsworthy Items, Celebrity Gossip, etc.)
10. Music/Entertainment
11. Education
12. Internet Marketing/SEO
13. WordPress/CMS
14. Sports
15. Internet Gaming
16. Legal/Law
17. Science/Medicine
18. Insurance
19. Automotive
20. Military
21. Art
22. Real Estate
23. Construction/Remodeling
24. Cooking/Recipes
25. DIY/Crafts

In Conclusion

Versatility is important in this industry. Clients may ask you to produce for them a document you’ve never seen before. A versatile writer will Google until satisfied he or she can deliver precisely what the client has asked for.

Niches are essentially fields you’ve chosen to study and write about. This is why they hire you. A client will perceive your diverse background as a lack of focus.

If you haven’t done it yet, choose a niche. Like Gina says, “When in doubt, take action!”

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