My Sweet November: Day 8 Build Up Your Samples Stash

addtext_com_MDkyNjQwMjM3MTU2Since I’m brand new to this world of writing, I have zero samples. They aren’t hard to build up, though. It’s important to remember to write often and practice the formatting we discussed in Day 6’s post, two days ago.


Start your own and remember to stick to a schedule. By posting regularly, weekly is the most common, you’ll build a base of readers. Why is this important? These readers sometimes have their own blogs you can contribute to!

Guest Posts

A simple guest contribution will go a long way when it comes to starting up a nice inventory of samples to show a prospective client.

In Lesson 10: 3 Ways to Build Samples for Your Portfolio, Gina talks about the importance of asking for a guest posting opportunity. These opportunities help new writers establish vital footprints to serve as our proof of where we’ve been as writers.

Very early on, Gina secured a contributorship to The Huffington Post. She writes about how she did it in her blog. In it she describes putting herself out there for various opportunities without discrimination. She says she’s a bit more selective now.

Get a Byline

The most important thing to remember about this is to always do your best to secure a byline. Doing so will allow you to show the piece as your own work. If you choose to ghostwrite your post, you’ll relinquish credit to the owner of the blog.

Getting the byline is key to building up sufficient samples.

In Conclusion

In her course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, Gina outlines the many, many ways she went about growing her samples portfolio. She started her own blog, contributed to other blogs, and ensured she had the byline. These steps all lead up to her ongoing relationship with The Huffington Post – a relationship she started only months after beginning and without a website, as she was building it as they went to publish her piece.

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