My Sweet November: Day 9 Bootstrapping Your Website

addtext_com_MTAyMzQ3MjM5OTE5Hi there!

Many of you may have noticed I decided to start a WordPress blog and not a regular website. Why is this? It’s because I’m bootstrapping my online business from the ground up!

There’s no question I need one. But I’m not going to take from my family’s income to build one. It can, and will, wait.

In the meantime, I use several resources available online through social media, email, and this blog. I learned much of this from Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. In Lesson 11: 3 Options for Your Web, she describes easy ways to pull this off.

Here’s what I took away from it.

Start Free

Yes, a website is important and a key to long-term success. But, what if you’re just starting out? Gina spent $95 on her URL and one year’s worth of hosting. Unfortunately, I cannot spend that. I wish I could. But, here’s how I’m going it.


I’ve built this blog using a platform I was vaguely familiar with. I’ve since gotten better at it, and continue to every day. I chose this specifically because Gina recommended it. It’s free to build a simple site and maintain a blog. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that!

There’s been a learning curve to mastering it. I’m familiar with coding, but certain quirks make coding on WordPress different from traditional coding.


In addition to using a blogging platform to document this journey, I’m also using Pinterest to showcase my samples. My Samples board contains the one sample I have right now, a blog entry I wrote about working as a freelance writer at night.

It’s user-friendly. Their toolbar makes it easy just to click on their icon and add any page to your board. I still choose to copy and paste because I tend to make mistakes when things are too easy.

I hope to build on my one entry with guest posts. I’ve asked a few friends. Fingers crossed.


Message your contact list at least once when you’re ready to start actively looking for jobs. Ask your friends to help you get the word out. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Message your friends to make sure they’d be okay with sharing one of your posts wth their friends
  1. Construct a post from your new page featuring a link to your Samples board and ask your friends to share it
  1. When they do, hit like so your other friends will see it too


Use your email’s contact list to send out a simple, one-time message to your close friends. Ask them to keep their eyes peeled for opportunities to send to you, or (better yet) to forward your email.

In Conclusion

Do not spend your money on your business! I’m $64 in, bootstrapping my way through. This is how I plan to do this. It’s not easy, but I know what keeps me going. I have my why keeping me motivated.

Take advantage of free resources to help you get on your way. It’s a bit more tedious, I’m sure it’ll be absolutely worth it!

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