My Sweet November: Day 11 Set Up the Pitch

Since going through Lessons 13 and 14, Developing Your Pitch: Parts 1 and 2, I’ve tried to come up with a viable pitch template for me. It’s a work in progress.

Gina Says…

She’d only started a few months prior to that and had already been featured in The Huffington Post! I was amazed. I haven’t worked up the courage to pitch to them. Mostly because I’m just scared and not sure what to write about. It’s something I’m going to have to work on.

Anyway, I digress.

In 30 Days to Freelance Writing Success, Gina says her pitch came as a result of learning from various courses. She says it should be a solid representation of what you’ve got going on at the moment.

My Pitch

My pitch is based on Gina’s prior ones. Here it is:

Good morning,

Your post immediately caught my eye today. After reading the details you shared, I think I’m a perfect fit!

For the past eight years, I’ve worked as a freelance ghostwriter for writers, businesses, and large freelance websites.

I’m currently in the process of transitioning my focus of over to writing articles and creating web content full-time. I write about my career changes in my blog, in a project I’ve called, My Sweet November.

You can view a sample of my work on my Professional Writing Pinterest board.

I’m confident that I would be a great addition to your writing team. I’m very detail oriented and mindful of time management and meeting deadlines.

Please let me know if you need any extra information about me before you make a hiring decision. I’m looking forward to working with you.


Cruz Santana

(210) 802-9310

It’s my first one. I used Gina’s model extensively. I’ve altered it once or twice but always end up going back to this version.

Talk About Your Experience Honestly

Gina says you should showcase, and not change, the heart of what’s true about your experience. In my case, I have honestly and truly worked as a ghostwriter since 2007. I have to be sure to include this in future versions of my pitch.

What I’m not saying is that I haven’t made as much money as I did in the beginning. I’ve taken a few months off here and there to tend to my health when necessary. Since then, I’ve slowly adjusted and am getting back in the swing of writing.

This experience as a ghostwriter and editor was instrumental in teaching me how to write and use grammar properly. Also, since it was ghostwriting, potential clients understand why I have such a limited collection of samples.

Be Personal

Gina advises that making a lasting impression is much better than being forgotten in the stack. One way to do this is to include some of yourself in your pitch.

In mine, I include that I’m making a huge change. Some people will understand the significance of this change. Those who don’t will only see it as a progression of a writer into a new writing field. My goal is to connect with the hiring folks on a deeper level.

Personalize It

Research the company and see what new and exciting things are coming up for them. If they’re celebrating an anniversary, mention it with: “The staff at [XYZ Company] must all be very excited. Congratulations and happy anniversary!”

If the post has a name, address your message to them. Also, pay attention to their email address. It could contain their name. If so, begin your pitch with, “Good morning, Ms. Goodman,” and show them you’ve personalized it.

Follow Directions

Gina says that if they ask for three samples and your resume, you should send exactly that. Read the directions thoroughly. I tend to go a step forward and I create a file with a document titled, “Pitch [Date].” The document includes notes I’ve taken on the job post.

This way, I can go back and reference it later in the event I want to follow up. Here are some typical requests.

Email Subject Line

If the post references a requisition number or job number, include it here as part of, “Job Number: XXXXX, Post on [Site Name].”

Also, they may request you use a specific subject line. Remember to use it exactly. If they don’t request one, use, “Your Post On [Site Name] Seeking a Writer.”

In Conclusion

Before hitting send, make sure you’ve included important information. Make sure it’s right.

Accurately display your experience and paint a picture of your past work in a positive and productive light.

Personalize your pitch to connect with the person behind the desk.

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