The Cancer Week


I’ve been away since the start of 2016 because I’ve suffered a few health setbacks, and also because I’ve been pretty busy working on my new ebook.

A few thoughts brought me back today. One of which was the death of my father-in-law. He was 54 when he passed shortly after undergoing heart surgery on December 20, 2009. Why the sudden need to remember him? I’m not exactly sure. For one thing, my ex-husband began staying with me a week-or-so ago. Quite naturally, we began talking all about his dad and what I went through in the process of taking care of the man.

I loved him as if he were my own father. I felt for this man more than I felt for my biological family. For seven years I took care of him. Now, I find myself in the strange position of missing him. more “The Cancer Week”

My Sweet November: Day 27 Diversify Your Business


Diversifying your online business opens up income streams you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Expanding your business is a no-brainer. For example, this WordPress struggle I’ve been on has me seriously thinking about writing a course and offering Web design services as part of my business’ offerings.

In 27 days, I’ve already opened up another possible income stream other than writing and editing. Whether or not I choose to take my business there, the option exists. more My Sweet November: Day 27 Diversify Your Business

On Effective Cold Pitching


Most of the pitches I’ve sent out have been cold pitches in which I’ve had to propose topics to a prospective client. At first, this felt uncomfortable for me. I’d become anxious, afraid that I’d made the greatest, dumbest typo in history before hitting the Send button. I still remember the first time I pitched The Huffington Post. I nearly hyperventilated! more “On Effective Cold Pitching”

The Thanksgiving Holiday 2015


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have something HUGE to be grateful for.

Yesterday, I submitted to and was accepted by The Write Life!!! It’s almost too much to believe. 24 days in and I made it into one of my favorite resources for freelance writers! I’m ecstatic! And I’m optimistic about the future.

In recent days, my health has declined. Setbacks happen. Otherwise, I’m doing quite well. Despite this, I wanted to post this because I feel that some may be wondering about what’s next for The Freelance Dance.

Well, here it is! more “The Thanksgiving Holiday 2015”