On Effective Cold Pitching


Most of the pitches I’ve sent out have been cold pitches in which I’ve had to propose topics to a prospective client. At first, this felt uncomfortable for me. I’d become anxious, afraid that I’d made the greatest, dumbest typo in history before hitting the Send button. I still remember the first time I pitched The Huffington Post. I nearly hyperventilated! more “On Effective Cold Pitching”

My Sweet November: Day 13 Finding Work, Bootstrap Style

Front of a traditional house in Lijiang, Yunnan, China.

We’ve cruised through the technical part of the course so far. Today and tomorrow, I’ll talk about the final techy bits of successful freelance writing.

But first, some news!

After struggling to no end with WordPress, I am proud to announce I’ve finally built up my website! Granted, it needs some more content (something I’m actively working on), but it exists! The best part? It’s 100% free!

Learning to, and then actually building this convoluted website gave me an idea. I have roughly 100 pages of notes I took while Googling, checking out library books, and watching tutorials on how to do this. These notes could help you get your page done. If all goes well, I’m going to write a course all about the easiest way to do it. And because I’m a bootstrapper all the way, it’ll be free.

Last thing before we dive in… more My Sweet November: Day 13 Finding Work, Bootstrap Style