Why I’m Excited About The New Year

New Year

So many reasons for me to type these words! I almost don’t know where to begin. I’m having a hard time even ranking the reasons for all my excitement at the start of 2016! Where to begin? Here’s my attempt at trying…

The Ebook Series

I began work on the first of a series of books about fatherhood for Guyvorce. The first one is about single fatherhood. The next will be about being the best possible dad when you’re daunted by bad luck, such as illness or economic adversity.

I can’t exactly say how many there will be because I have so many in my head to write. I’m grateful to my boss, Dennis Work, for the opportunity to do this. I love what I do, and sharing this important part of my life could help change the lives of kids struggling with their parents’ split.

Who better than a momma to teach a man how to do the world’s second most important job?

New Theme

I’m getting a brand new theme for this website. I can’t yet afford my own URL (but I’m getting close!!), so I’m going to do all I can to keep this one hip, trendy, and as much like me as possible.

I’ll feature it tomorrow, on the first day of 2016! So, keep your eyes open for big, big changes!

New Goals

I got started on my list of my goals for 2016. I’m already on my way toward meeting them.

One goal I left out of my post is to start working on my list beginning on the first day of the year. I’ll start by working on my income report. I’m excited about his one. It’s going to be soooo goood! Stay tuned.

Keeping it Short

I did this on my Christmas Eve post; I’m doing it now. It’s New Year’s Eve, for crying out loud! Quit reading and get to celebrating with your friends! It’s time to bring this one in right.

As long as there is air in your lungs, there is life in your body. Get off your kiester, and do something important with your 2016! Why not you, why not now?

Take a quick minute to share some of your 2016 goals. What do you aim to accomplish in The New Year?

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0 thoughts on “Why I’m Excited About The New Year

  1. Gina Horkey Reply

    Why not you, why not now girlfriend. 2016 is going to be epic – off to read your goals now 🙂

    1. Cruz Santana Reply

      I feel it! 2016 is going to be THE YEAR for me! Epic isn’t a big enough word for what’s in store for me! Woot!!! It’s coming, girl!

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